Monthly Archives - April 2016

Making money … from the heart

As a youngster, struggling to make ends meet, I came upon a “get-quick-rich” book which said that when you want to make money you can follow basically one of three routes. You can 1. take over the family business; 2. find the gap in the market and fill it, or you can 3. find something you love to do and do it. I found that nr 3. is actually the only route to follow unless nr 1 and 2 are also “what you love to do”. But why is “finding what you love to do” so important? In live as in business we need to find what ignites our soul in order to feel alive. Doing what we love make us better human beings, leaves us healthier and gives us purpose. Having purpose or meaning is what makes us feel that we have a place on this earth. We count for something. The American author, James Hillman, calls this finding your “Soul’s code”. Therefore, admits all the uncertainties of live we actually have only one choice in live AND in business, that is to take the quote of Thoreau seriously: “Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live your life as you have imagined it and then you will meet success.” Success, then, will also have be defined differently. It is not about having lots of money. It is rather finding your soul’s code. Make your business soulful, meaningful and directed towards giving expression to your life as you have imagined it … that is the only way you should do business and life.