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Business lessons from the legendary series, Dallas

One of my wealthy business friends told me about the quote in the hit series, Dallas. Bobby feels disgruntled as he felt left out in Jock’s business dealings. In the clip Jock and JR are celebrating with other businessmen. Bobby is left out in the cold. Bobby confronts Jock and Bobby says: “You gave me the power.” Jock replies with: “If I have to give you power, you have nothing. Power is not given to you. You take it!”

It is worthwhile to think about this. What does this mean in life and in business. Maybe this: we really have two choices. We can life by the big B or we can live by the big R. The B stands for blaming. Blaming others, the environment, your parents, your competition or even God for things not going your way. Clearly in this video-clip Bobby feels undervalued and not recognized. He then plays the blaming game. What Jock does is really telling him that there is another type of game to be played… the game the big R. That is the game of RESPONSIBILITY. You have the ABILITY to RESPOND. When you take the initiative, and take responsibility for the situation you have taken up power. Power is indeed not given, it is taken. The blaming game is to play victim while the game of responsibility is to live from your God given inner strength. That is where the power comes from.

To watch the clip click the link below.