How our fees work?

We believe that the value we offer to our clients must be reflected in the fees you pay. You have the choice how you want to pay for our service. We are fee-based wealth planners, whereby you have the choice to pay by means of a fee or by means on commission. The latter is levied by the insurance company from the monthly premiums you pay, and is then paid over to us. Our investment clients pay for our services by means of a percentage of the investments – which is never more than 1% upfront and 1% annually.

Our fees are charged on one or more of the following, depending on what is negotiated with our clients:

  1. On advise level: This is charged on an hourly rate of which the first consultation will be free
  2. On implementation: This will either be a flat rate, commission based, or a percentage of the investment
  3. Administration fees: This will be waived if advice or implementation fees have been charged. Other wise a fee of R 250 per instruction will be charged.

Our fees are negotiated individually with our clients. We seek to give our clients value for their money.

For more information on fees, kindly contact us.