Be Hawk-wise with your money

Be Hawk-wise with your money

All of us have money problems. There are those who feel that they do not have enough and need to increase their income; most fall in this group. Then there are those who have money but are terrified of losing it all. The fact remains that we need to have a health relationship with money. If you do not respect it, your money problems will remain. To have a healthy relationship with money it helps to know what emotion does the idea of money invoke in you. Money, the academics tells us are neutral but in the real world it just is not so. To flush a R200 note down the toilet will definitely not leave people in a neutral and emotionless state.  To get a feel of what money does to you is to understand what power it has in relation to you or even over you.

Look at the birds below… who are you? The goal, is to be a hawk when it comes to finances.

  1. Ostrich: This person ignores the money subject as far as possible, doesn’t think about money and prefers an ostrich approach with the head buried in the sand.
  2. Crow: This person just loves the thought of being rich and can be best described as the money worshipper. They believe that money will make all their dream come true and like the crow they just love shiny new things.
  3. Peacock: This person loves the power which comes with money. They use money to impress and show their worth as person by means of wealth. Like the peacock which shows off its tail feathers, they like to show off their wealth.
  4. Hawk: This person uses his wealth wisely. They understand that money is only a means and not the goal. Like the hawk, they fly high away from danger and above the food source. They have a sharp eye and see trouble and opportunity as they arise.

Please note: it is possible to be one type at times and another at other times. Be honest if you have ostrich, crow or peacock tendencies. Remember we are all on the road towards being a hawk. Nobody have already arrived yet.

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