Creative Business

Business like Van Gogh

Many business consultants have tried to encourage business owners to become the Van Gogh’s and the Rembrandt’s within their businesses. The challenge however is to translate that which is primary linear and logical in business into art-like concepts. What often happens is that business guru’s try to find the logical system within the world of art in order to create an art-like management system for business. This fails precisely because the mere search for logic within the world of art is trying to force the non-business force of the arts into a world which is obsessed with numbers, graphs and measurement. The question is whether the unpredictable world of the arts has anything to say to the way in which we conduct business.
I recon it does, but then not to develop yet another yard stick to carry on with business as usual. That value which the arts has to offer lies on a different… on a deeper level.
The arts invites us to put our logic for a moment aside and as the artist does, be taken up with passion and beauty and yearn for the unreachable. Doing business like Van Gogh is not to take advantage of yet another sales technique or client but rather enjoying the business for the business sake. It is when we enjoy what we are doing which invites our clients to join us with our art. This is the most honest way of doing business… just by loving what we are doing.